Acupuncture and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis. Quick Ways to Beat the Pain.

Osteoarthritis sets in when the cartilage wears away. Without enough cartilage or with none at all, bones in the joint rub together, causing pain and stiffness.

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Mind-Body Treatments for Osteoarthritis

By Dana Sullivan Published 9/8/2009

You may feel the pain of osteoarthritis in your wrists or knees, but the pain actually starts in your brain - in the same place you process fear and other emotions. Researchers at the University of Manchester Rheumatic Diseases Centre in the United Kingdom studied brain images and discovered that arthritis patients seem to associate the pain with fear and distress. Learning to manage those emotions may also help you control the pain in your joints.

Do Your Om-Work

Zen meditation, the ancient practice that can provide mental, physical and emotional balance, may also reduce pain, according to University of Montreal researchers. In a study published in the January 2008 issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers found that people who meditate are less sensitive to pain. The scientists compared the pain reactions of 13 highly trained Zen meditators with 13 non-meditators. The volunteers had a computer-controlled heating plate pressed against their calves at heats ranging from 109 degrees to 127 degrees. The meditators required significantly higher temperatures to elicit pain. The researchers theorize that the concentration skills and the slower breathing practiced during meditation can influence the perception of pain.

No-Pain Needles

In China, health care providers have used acupuncture for thousands of years to treat all sorts of conditions, including pain. Research suggests these healers may be on to something. A landmark study published in 2004 in the Annals of Internal Medicine involving 570 patients showed that acupuncture relieved pain and improved function in people with osteoarthritis of the knees.